About me

My name is Hendrik Hilleckes and I am a passionate computer scientist from Dortmund, Germany. I want to use this blog to archive tutorials I write and talk about stuff that interests me. Frequent topics will be machine learning theory and pratice as well as programming. I will also add some of my experiences as a project lead.

If you want to contact me than don’t hesitate to tweet me. You can find the link in the sidebar.

I have a strong background in theoretical computer science. I wrote my bachelor thesis about a distributed storage system. The main goal was to show that a distributed hash table  could be implemented that still delivered the data if a huge amount of nodes crash. My masters thesis was about distributed robots that tried to gather while an adversary manipulated their sensors.

After my studies I shifted my main interest to machine learning algorithms and data analysis. So maybe I will post some data science stuff on this blog, too.