New Page: iPython Notebooks

I just added a new page called iPython Notebooks. You can find a collection of my personal iPython Notebooks there. These notebooks are a very cool tool of the python community that makes it easy to share your code. On top of that they also provide inline graphs and formated text.

I use these notebooks primarily to do some data analysis and to write down some snippets that I could use later. I will also try to go along with Googles Machine Learning course on YouTube which I can really recommend. You can find the playlist here. I will embed the first video of the series at the end of this post.

For some of my notebooks you need a corresponding set of data. I will add links to these sets, too. But for most of the examples you don’t need anything more than an installation of jupyter. The easiest way is to install it using Anaconda. I use it on Windows and Mac and it works great.

Important: please use Python 2.7 if you execute the notebooks.